“No eches raices en un sitio, muévete
pues no eres un árbol para eso tienes los pies
el hombre más sabio es el que sabe que su hogar
es tan grande cómo pueda imaginar”

I feel sometimes our past comes in ocean waves. You will be looking forward to the shore, to the goal and then gently, without you noticing something pulls you back to your depths. The waves turn the world upside down before spitting you back to the shore. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of saltwater (even narrative one) to put things into perspective and listen to what the Universe is telling you. The past can drag you back, make you go in circles and then throw you back on the beach for a different life, a different goal. Like the waves, we are ever changing.

“Don’t set your roots in one place, move
you’re not a tree, this is why you have feet”


La Tortuga, Venezuela

It all began as a quest to search for a place where I could feel that I belonged. My hopeless wandering lead me to more airports, airplanes and lives out of a bag than I could have imagined. The instability of the search became my stability. I didn’t know how to stay in a place for more than a year. Too much to see, to much to do to settle.

“The wisest man is he who knows his home
is as big as he can imagine it to be”

It only took a while to realize that my peace came from a feeling of a certain place. The remoteness of it gives my peace, quiets my soul, makes me repeat this mantra “I’m in love with my life”. For the last 2 years this mantra hasn’t come to me as easily as it used to, it had abandoned me and I, it. It caught me by surprise recently, the thought popping before I had realized. When I went to basics, the feeling came back.

DSC_0919 It’s ok to deviate but when the Universe insts “listen Linda, listen”.

The universe has spoken. A 3x3m for earthly possession is the only thing I need for now. I took a detour. Explored life on the other side and met people to last my through. It was lovely but my feet and Fizz still need to wander. Wander I shall, with the magic of new beginnings and the ocean waves at my back.

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  1. Thank you for these beautiful and philosophical writtings…I love them…thanks a lot and keep on wandering and listening…

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