From Nairobi to the Masaai Mara

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  1. Makes me sad that I will most likely never get to do that 🙁 but at the same time happy that you can show me what it’s like:)

    • hopefully this showed you a little of what goes on when trying to get from one place to the next. It’s also really bumpy!

  2. Thank you for showing what its really like there. I would love to go but I doubt I will be able to. It’s nice to see the beauty elsewhere.
    Could you tell me the name of that song ? I like it

  3. The journey is the best part of road trips! I love to see how the landscape changes as the kilometers roll by. It also feels great to get out of the car and walk around every now and then: both to explore the area one is in and to stretch the legs.

    • Definitely to stretch the legs! We didn’t want to stop all too much in case it started raining before we got to camp, we didn’t want to take it too easy and drive in the dark under pouring rain

  4. Great video and music Ale. I always look forward to your stories. Thank you for sharing. Hugs to you and Tristan

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