Of homemade remedies many have spoken. There are those that consider nothing can beat the power of advil and there are those who believe in homeopathy; for them to work, we just have to apply it to the right personality. A small piece of chocolate for the soul, honey and ginger tea for the throat, a cold beer for a hangover and a dark room for a migraine.

But for the heart? What do you take for an aching heart?


The recipes are endless. The answers can vary from voodoo, to imaginary funerals, to traveling the world, to a new car. In my time here I have found an additional one that seems to work for when the Universe comes crashing down and no words can help: searching for elephants.

Her and I went searching for elephants. She needed the elephants because my words had run empty, my shoulders were soaked and she was dry out of tears. We needed to leave everything behind and travel 1900km in search of elephants, to fight the curve balls the Universe sent her. Together, Johnny Cash and I had this covered.


With chocolate, two cameras, and a best friend we searched for elephants for 5 days to help repair the cracks and start over. Why elephants you may ask? Because only giants are able to show you how important the little things are, how important it is to belong, how important it is to be kind, how important it is to move on.

Four years ago she found her strength in the elephants we surrounded ourselves with. Today she keeps them all around her life.

Sometimes words are not enough, and sometimes you need someone to show you.


There is always Hope.


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