The beginning

When I was 22 I came to Africa for the first time seeking to distance myself from a life that was passing me by. When i arrived I fell in love like never before, with nature, with wildlife, with the wilderness, with my life.What was supposed to be a 3 month adventure, led me to a journey I never expected to embark on and since then.. well, I have never left.


They say redemption comes in many shapes with many kinds of pain. It’s been good, it’s been incredibly tough, it’s always been worth it.

It was Dolly who gave me the unexpected the soundtrack and the initial motto to carry on:

“I can’t tell you where I’m going,
I’m not sure of where I’ve been,
I know I must keep traveling ‘till my journey comes to and end,
There is no one can tell me am I doomed to ever roam,
As I’m stumbling, tumbling, traveling, wandering through”.

These are my adventures in the wild and the stories of the animals – and people – I have met along the way. Some of them my own, some of them not, some recent, some not; they all however deserve to be told.

Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed being a part of them.



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