Since as far as I can remember I have been a collector of people’s sayings. My grandmother used to have a book where she would write down famous quotes and sayings, and we would always be fascinated by the content. True to the way she was, she collected mostly insightful sayings with some sort of moral lesson. I collected those and then developed a liking for some of the more cynical quotes I would find around when reading too. Omi would have a laugh at some of those, be shocked at some others and show me the new ones she would add while reading some of the books in her endless library.
My little collection eventually stalled when I moved countries and my life went into boxes; it only reappeared when I finally unpacked some long lost and forgotten belongings. Because the book wasn’t always with me, I took Jamie’s idea and started writing some of the things I would overhear on safari on my iPhone’s notes.

The sayings I started collecting though morphed from famous quotes, to “ordinary” things I would hear on safari. I became a collector of “one liners” of conversations between guests, between guides and guests or strangers upon which I would accidentally eavesdrop.

There have been some really insightful “one liners”, some very funny ones and some rather bizarre ones. I hope you enjoy some of them as much as I did because this collection is certainly one of the most fun ones I’ve ever compiled.

Overheard Part I

  1. “Kombucha has a natural origin, like cocaine”.
  2. “Buy something cool for this 40th, like a sword”.
  3. “Miley Cyrus voice isn’t vulnerable enough for Jolene, nobody would take her man”
    “Ja, she would take a wrecking balls and kill you”
  4. “You white people have too many tears to play with”.
  5. “God is a millennial, he speak to me via Instagram”.
  6. “That’s what a relationship is, two people choosing to be with one another”.
  7. “We complain with sparkling wine on hand”.
  8. “Let play the English royalty game, I’ll have a whiskey and you can have a g&t”.
  9. “Apples are like cats: ungrateful”.
  10. “His money doesn’t outweigh his drama”.
  11. “Your pretending is getting offending”.
  12. “You don’t eat pizza?! I’m gonna pray for you child”.
  13. “Karma is a bitch and Mother Nature is on my side”.
  14. “I wanna catch flights not feelings”.
  15. “Rules are meant to be broken”
    “Nah, I like to stay in my lane”.

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  1. Hay unos geniales, otros súper locos. Mi mamá siempre decía que ella tenía qué haber hecho un libro de las cosas que le habían dicho o pasado dando clases. Lástima que nunca lo hizo.

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